Host Your Own Events

April 1st 2020 - March 31st 2021

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Arthritis Society by hosting or participating in an event, or creating a personal fundraiser! Hosting your own fundraising events are a great way to build awareness, raise funds, and transform the lives of Canadians with arthritis.

We are thrilled to welcome all past Walk for Arthritis participants who are passionate about continuing their fundraising for the Arthritis Society. Hosting your own event or fundraiser is a great way to stay involved with us and provides you with all the same fundraising tools and platforms you used as a participant in the walk.

To get started, select one of the following registration options:

  • Create a Team Fundraiser - create a fundraising event so you can ask family and friends to participate in your event and help fundraise.
  • Join a Team Fundraiser - search for and join an existing fundraising event and help fundraise.
  • Register as an Individual Fundraiser - create a personal fundraising page so you can ask family and friends for support through donations.

When you register, you will have access to a variety of fundraising resources and a personal online fundraising hub that allows you to send emails to friends and family, recruit event attendees or team members, set your fundraising goal, track your progress and share your story.

Not sure where to start? No problem! Here are some fun and easy ideas to raise money and support our work.

Don’t forget to check out our Tools and Resources to help you recruit, fundraise, and plan your event.

If you decide to extend your fundraising past March 31st 2021, please contact us at so we can ensure your page is correctly transferred.

Need help? Contact us at 1.800.321.1433 or