Move your way 2022/23

Camp Ontario

Please support the Arthritis Society and our team!

For thousands of Canadian children, summer camp is an opportunity to make friends, have fun outdoors, and develop wonderful memories. Unfortunately, children with arthritis are often unable to attend more traditional camps, which do not have the facilities, specialized health care staff, or the modified activities to accommodate their abilities.

Camping together with a common condition means that children feel understood and accepted. It allows them to be defined not by their disease, but by who they are. In addition to barrier-free, traditional camp activities, Arthritis Society camps provide important tools and resources related to positive self-esteem and effective disease management, facilitated by experienced counselors. On-site medical staff ensure that campers’ health needs are met.

The Arthritis Society is committed to sending as many kids to camp as possible. Despite best efforts, this year a financial contribution for camp is required from participating families. We have registered for Move Your Way, in support of raising funds for Camp Ontario. All funds raised will help subsidize fees for campers who cannot afford to attend Camp Ontario.

Please support Camp Ontario by joining the Camp Ontario team to raise donations in support of this important cause. You can also support by making a donation here on the Camp Ontario team fundraiser page.

Thank you!

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