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Mya & Lily Healey (11 & 9) are 2 sisters who are fundraising for Arthritis, in the hopes of creating a pain free future for everyone living with this horrible condition.

Why is this cause important to them? Well, at age 2 Mya (the oldest of the pair) was diagnosed with Arthritis. Yes a child can have Arthritis! Mya travels 5 hours from her home, to The Janeway, every 6 weeks for treatment, check ups and eye appointments. Her Arthritis has not only affected her joints, it has affected her eyes as well. Uveitis is “Arthritis” of the eyes, it causes inflammation behind the eyes.

Mya is now 11 years old & with daily medication and 5hour long infusions every 6 weeks she is able to live a “mostly” pain free life. She still has flare ups and stiff mornings, but they are easier to manage.

It’s because of medical advances & research that Mya has the treatments that she needs to keep her Arthritis is check. That is why Fundraising & creating awareness is so Important to Sister Power.


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