Walk for Arthritis, Kingston

Team Soleyn

Please support the Arthritis Society and our team!

We are walking because there is no cure for arthritis – and we have come to know how painful and debilitating this disease is. Our daughter Jada was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at 3 years old. Idiopathic is a big word for, "they don't know why".

We used to think that if you play hard or sustained an injury, your joints may hurt later in life. We have learned childhood arthritis is caused by an over active immune system, and the resulting inflammation can lead to joint degeneration. This is why it is so important to have effective treatments in place. After almost two years, and several treatment attempts, Jada is starting to feel some relief on immunosuppressants. We remain hopeful that she will continue to improve, have more good days than bad…and ideally get to permanent remission one day.

We never truly understood how much a childhood illness affects a family, and while that’s been a steep learning curve, it’s also shown us that we have an incredible network of supporters. From donations to last year's fundraiser, childcare for the multitude of appointments, or the extra-long hugs - we are truly grateful for everyone that has blessed us through this journey, and appreciate you all.

Please consider donating and join us in supporting this cause.

With love and thanks,

Team Soleyn (Jean, Drew, Jada, Makayla & Jordan)

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