Walk for Arthritis, Vancouver

Chronic Eileen

At 29, I was placed on Canada's number one cause of long term disability when diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. As this autoimmune disease took a toll on my life and body at a young age, I decided arthritis wasn't going to stop me. I began to fight this invisible enemy, not just for myseld, but also for my young son, Jacob and in memory of my late aunt and grandmother whom also suffered from arthritis. This year I will be Vancouver's Walk Ambassador.

Passionate about creating awareness for all forms of arthritis, I am an ambassador for The Arthritis Society and patient advocate involved in arthritis research. Actions speak louder than words, being involved in proactive advocacy helps fund treatment, research and build community, whichis why I volunteers in all - for a better future for those struggling with this debilitating disease.

I am walking to break to misconceptions surrounding arthritis, it is not only a disease of the elderly and arthritis is much more than just joint pain. As a single mother to my young son, I couldn't a image a child going through the pain, fatigue and lowered immunity at such a young age. I am is walking for those who don't know how to communicate or understand their pain. There is no cure for arthritis – a painful and devastating disease I knows all too well - that is why I am participating in the Walk for Arthritis. I hope to help break the misconceptions that surround arthritis with purpose to create informative awareness, raise crucial funds for research and treatment for the 6 million and growing Canadians living with any form of arthritis.

As the prevalence of arthritis increases, so does the demand for investment into cutting-edge research, proactive advocacy and innovative information and support that will deliver better health outcomes for people affected by arthritis.

This year the Walk for Arthritis is celebrating its 10th year - help make this the best year ever by making a donation to support this important cause! I am eager and honored to represent arthritis in Vancouver this year, help me kick ass at it!

Thank you!

Eileen Davidson

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