Playing ringette despite arthritis

RafaŽlle Boisvert

When you meet 8-year-old RafaŽlle Boisvert, you have no clue she has been battling with arthritis for the past 4 years.

You won’t hear a peep about the pain afflicting over 15 of her joints.
What you see is an active and determined child, constantly pushing her limits.
This ringette enthusiast enjoys fast-paced activities.

Even with what looks like a contortioned left hand, there isn’t much she can’t do. She will always find a way to play for her team.

For an active adult, a day filled with injections, blood samples or physical treatments can prove exhausting. But for this young Pincourt resident, after a day like that she is just itching to jump on her backyard rink and practice the sport she deeply loves.

Yet, the most incredible thing about her remains her positive outlook and infectious attitude.

“She’s an absolute sunbeam“, confides her mother.

Which helps her branch out a lot and make new friends.

Last year, during her first Walk for Arthritis in Montreal, she befriended a girl her age living with similar conditions and they instantly bonded. It was a magical moment.

“The Walk is like Christmas morning”, exclaims the 8-year-old when asked about her experience.

Knowing her new friend went through what she was facing was the boost of confidence needed to get the dreaded injections she had been avoiding.

This courageous little warrior will be at the starting line again at this year’s Walk. Surrounded by friends, family, teammates and even some teachers, she intends to show everyone that arthritis will not have the last laugh.

She will also make a ton of new friends with her irresistible energy.

Join RafaŽlle and her team in Montreal on June 1st for the 10th edition of the Walk for Arthritis.

Support RafaŽlle and many others

When you choose to walk with us on June 1 or 2, you are joining 30+ communities across Canada who know its’ time to get moving on arthritis. There is no cure for this painful disease that damages joints and reduces mobility.

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