A new way to make a difference to 6 million Canadians with arthritis

Move Your Way is a fun way to make a difference to 6 million people living with arthritis. You pick an activity that you enjoy and turn it into an engaging fundraiser that connects your family and friends. Together, you help raise critical funds for arthritis. With Move Your Way, the options are endless and can be customized to suit your hobbies, passions, and available time. Simply pick your way to participate, setup your fundraising page and off you go!

Going Virtual with Move Your Way

Our world is vastly different than it was mere months ago and things that were once commonplace, such as celebrating a birthday with family, cooking a meal together or catching a ballgame with friends, are simply not possible right now. With Move Your Way, the virtual options are limitless to continue to make a difference to 6 million Canadians living with arthritis.

Event Ideas

Not sure where to start? No problem! Here are some fun and easy ideas to raise money and support our work.

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Get Active

Challenge yourself and others to walk, run, bike, workout, practice yoga or Tai Chi. Pick a goal and share with family and friends as you take on this physical challenge.

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Birthdays & Special Occasions

Host a virtual party and encourage friends and family to donate to Arthritis Society in lieu of receiving gifts. What better way to celebrate!

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Virtual A-Thons and Tournaments

Start a virtual Walk-a-thon, Yoga-a-thon, Dance-a-thon! Host a video game, virtual board game tournament or a karaoke competition. Hosts invite their friends and families to participate in exchange for a donation to the Arthritis Society. Online fundraising pages are a great tool to support these events.

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Get Creative and Share Your Talents

Share your special skills and put your talents to work! Whatever your passion and interest (cooking, jewelry making, playing guitar, wine tasting), turning it into a fundraising event is simple. Host a virtual event and invite your coworkers, classmates, friends and neighbours to participate and contribute. You can also encourage others to start their own fundraiser for the Arthritis Society by sharing their unique talents!

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Facebook Fundraiser

Start a Facebook Fundraiser by selecting The Arthritis Society - it only takes 5 minutes to get started! Then ask your Facebook friends to donate to your fundraiser and share the message of why a world free from the devastating effects of arthritis is important to you.

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Create a Social Media Challenge

Ever done an Ice Bucket Challenge? Or the Planking Challenge? Create a fun challenge of your own and use social media to tag others and help spread the word and raise money for the Arthritis Society.

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Workplace Campaigns

Lead a workplace campaign and collect donations from your colleagues to participate. Host a virtual trivia event, an online bake sale (deliver the goods while social distancing) or do a promotional draw if you can dream it, you can do it! Inquire if your workplace offers corporate matching programs.

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Need help/guidance?

Contact us at 1.800.321.1433 or moveyourway@arthritis.ca.