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More than 6 million Canadians have arthritis
That's too many
Your fundraising will help change their future

Too many people live with a disease that causes immense pain, immobility and fatigue, because their joints are inflamed. Not enough people understand what it takes to have to live everyday with the disease. Sadly, a cure does not exist.

It’s time to get moving on arthritis.

When you sign up to walk 1km or 5km routes and pledge to raise funds, you are taking a big step by joining with the arthritis community and supporting the progress the Arthritis Society can make through funding.

Investment in cutting-edge research, making our voice heard through advocacy, and providing valuable information and support that helps to improve arthritis patient’s quality of life can make the difference in 1 in 5 peoples lives who live with the disease.

What better way to celebrate our 10th walk, than to make this our best fundraising event ever!

Arthritis. Give before it takes.



Teams and individuals helping to really make a difference to people with arthritis. Thank you!

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