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The PREDICT Study: early detection and a cure for osteoarthritis

Imagine if we could help others detect OA earlier, develop better, more personalized treatments and one day, find a cure? You can help make this a reality!

The Arthritis Society has committed to funding three years of the PREDICT Study. Our goal is to raise $20,000 by May 11, 2021 to fund one year of the project.

Why fund The PREDICT Study?

Dr. Abouelseoud is developing a predictive test for osteoarthritis (OA). This test looks for biomarkers in the blood to predict who will develop hip or knee OA that progresses quickly, putting them at risk of early cartilage damage.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Nearly 5 million Canadians have OA. That’s more than all other forms of arthritis combined. There is no cure for OA.

Early detection of OA is key for treatment. Without this early prediction test, many patients wait until they are experiencing OA pain to get a diagnosis, which means their disease has already progressed. For some, it is too late to prevent permanent joint damage.

This research will lead to better quality of life for Canadians with arthritis. This new test would help identify who needs to be treated more aggressively and map out a personalized treatment plan for patients to better manage OA symptoms and reduce disability from the disease.

Additionally, the PREDICT Study may uncover new knowledge about the cause of OA, leading to a cure for the disease.

If 200 donors come together and give $100 each, our community of supporters will fully fund one year of this innovative research project.

The ultimate goal of this research is
better treatments and quality of life for Canadians with arthritis.

About Dr. Abdellatif Abouelseoud

Dr. Abdellatif Abouelseoud is the lead researcher on the PREDICT Study, under the supervision of Dr. Alain Moreau, in Montreal.

He is a postdoctoral researcher who received his Bachelor’s degree in dentistry at Mansoura University in Egypt and his PhD in biochemistry and molecular dentistry at Okayama University in Japan.

Dr. Abouelseoud is merging his clinical experience and his passion for research to study health complications of patients with musculoskeletal diseases, including osteoarthritis. When he’s not in the lab, he enjoys spending time with his wife and his two daughters, reading, cooking and, when it’s safe to do so, travel.

The Arthritis Society is a national health charity, fueled by donors and volunteers, with a vision to live in a world where people are free from the devastating effects of arthritis.

Donor support is critical because without action now, the number of Canadians living with arthritis will soon grow to nine million.

Our donors and sponsors are heroes. Donations provide essential financial support for initiatives like research funding that bring us closer to finding better treatments and, ultimately, a cure. We thank each of our everyday heroes, who share our vision of achieving a world free from the devastating effects of arthritis.


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