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It hurts 1 in 5 Canadians to build a snowman

Arthritis shouldn’t stop 1 in 5 Canadians from living life to the fullest, but it can. That’s why we’re hoping 5 in 5 Canadians will help this holiday season.

Why are we asking for your support?

When you donate to the Arthritis Society, you are supporting six million Canadians, including 24,000 children, struggling with arthritis every day. You might be one of those Canadians yourself, or you may know and love someone with the disease.

Daily activities like putting on socks, reveling in the pleasure of unwrapping gifts or playing in the snow with family can bring pain for Canadians coping with the debilitating effects of arthritis. Every day.

Mélanie Leclerc is one of them. At times the pain in her hands has made it impossible to even braid her daughter's hair.

Canadians of all ages and backgrounds, our grandparents and moms and dads, our colleagues and our neighbours, are affected by arthritis daily.
It hurts 1 in 5 Canadians to live life to the fullest…and it shouldn’t be this way.

But 5 in 5 Canadians can help change that with a donation today. And you’re one of them.

Mélanie is one of six million Canadians living with arthritis, and while the disease presents many challenges she is determined to not give up. Your donation brings hope to Canadians like Mélanie.

How does your donation help?

Your donation will provide essential financial support for initiatives that will change the lives of Canadians living with arthritis today, while we pursue a future without it in the search for a cure.


Your generosity helps to improve lives of Canadians with arthritis by funding cutting-edge arthritis research. Through the trust and support of our donors and partners, the Arthritis Society is Canada’s largest charitable funder of arthritis research.

Resources and solutions for living well

Your donation will support people who rely on our resources to help them navigate critical lifestyle and disease management questions. Our wide-ranging resources are designed in collaboration with and for people directly impacted by arthritis.


Your support will also create long-lasting change at the policy level by enabling strategic advocacy on behalf of all Canadians living with the disease. As the leading voice for Canadians with arthritis, the Arthritis Society is calling for a clear, immediate, and sustained response to this growing crisis.

If you’re one of the six million with arthritis, you understand the daily challenges. And if you’re not, chances are you know someone who has arthritis because it is Canada’s most common chronic health condition.

It hurts 1 in 5 Canadians to do everything from daily tasks to the hobbies and activities they love.

But 5 in 5 can help. Including you.

Please donate today.


Will you help Canadians with arthritis?


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