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The Quest to Cure Osteoarthritic Back Pain

Your help is critical. We need to raise $100,000 to support the research of Dr. Haglund and other critical arthritis research studies.

Why fund Dr. Haglund’s research?

Low back pain from osteoarthritis (OA) is the single greatest cause of years lived with disability. And while current treatments may reduce pain, they unfortunately don’t address why back pain happens in the first place.

Dr. Haglund and her team of researchers are studying two promising therapies that specifically kill senescent cells — the aging cells in the low back discs and elsewhere that cause inflammation, tissue degeneration and pain. These therapies have the potential to rejuvenate tissue and slow the progression of conditions like arthritis.

The outcomes of this research could lead to the first disease-modifying drugs for low back pain from OA of the spine. This would mean better quality of life and less pain for millions of Canadians affected by arthritis.

“Anything that could stop or even slow down the progression of disc degeneration and back pain would have an enormous impact.”
~ Dr. Haglund

As a valued member of our community, you or someone you care about is likely living with arthritis. If so, you know all about the chronic pain, fatigue, restricted mobility, and other symptoms that can impact a person’s quality of life. You are also aware of how common arthritis is, how it affects 1 in 5 Canadians — children, young adults, moms, dads and grandparents.

If we can find a way to stop it or even slow it down, imagine the millions who will no longer have to live their lives enduring the hardship and pain of arthritis.

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Why your partnership matters?

As a dedicated Arthritis Society Leadership Circle donor, your generous gift supports exceptional research like Dr. Haglund’s all across Canada.

Please give today and make a meaningful impact on research that’s helping to change how millions of Canadians live with this painful, debilitating disease.


Please help fund Dr. Haglund’s critical research.


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